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Thunderstruck 2 Casino Slots Game – RTP and More Info!

We Are Here To Advise You Where to Play Thunderstruck 2 Casino Slots

Online slot games come in many different forms, this is thanks to the themes that game developers choose. They can be based on anything and do vary widely, however, there are some clear favourites in the running. Slot games based on Ancient times and Gods are always being released, meaning they must do well. One of my personal favourites is Thunderstruck 2 Casino Slots. This is probably down to my fascination with Nordic traditions, but I think it is also down to the gameplay that is offered.

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The game itself is by the casino gaming technology giants Microgaming. So you know off the bat that it is going to be a game produced of some quality, as these guys do not mess about when it comes to online slot games. They are the masterminds behind some of the top games that have been released. It uses incredibly good graphics when you are playing. I was using my phone to play and it looked great on the screen! I’m sure it would look even better being played on a bigger computer screen.

Feature of Thunderstruck 2 Casino Slots

The game features a lot for players, it uses the commonly seen 5-reel layout. So if you are familiar with other slot games then you can easily get used to playing this one. The only main difference that I think makes this game stand out from the crowd is the 243 ways to win and the 1000 coin jackpot. It cleverly uses symbols of the Nordic gods instead of the generic high card values you wee being used often.

The Slot Game Interface on Thunderstruck 2 Casino Slots

The game has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve to make things interesting to play. The Wild symbol is one of these, and that is indicated by the Thunderstruck 2 Casino Slots logo being displayed on the reel. However, the most exciting feature offered is the Great Hall of Spins. This is a multi-levelled bonus mini-game where you could win a bunch of bonus spins. All you need to do to activate this hidden gem is land 3 or more Hammer icons. I’m sure it is Thor, that wields the hammer in Nordic God folklore.

The Great Hall of Spins And The Bonus Mini Game

I managed to make it to the Hall of Spins while I was playing and this did not disappoint me. As a result, I was given some bonus spins as soon as I entered but every time I managed to make it back my progress was saved. This then accumulated up a level to give me even more bonus spins, which was a very nice surprise. Unlike most welcome offers which are restricted to certain games and cannot be played with a live dealer, most sites will let you play this game with your bonus.

Overall Verdict of The Game

I read that is has a return to player of 96.65%. This is not a bad rate of return at all! In fact, I have seen some popular slot games with a much lower rate of payback. And all I can say overall about this game is that if you are like me and are a fan of the Nordic gods. You will love playing this game. You may even be able to recognise some of the similarities portrayed in the recent hit films. The ones with the superheroes and a few Nordic Gods thrown in. The short amount of time I was playing, I ended up in the green. Therefore, I guess this is an indicator of just how good this game is.

Rainbow Riches Slot Game – Reviewed in Detail Here!

All The Features That Made Rainbow Riches Slot Game So Popular

Rainbow Riches slot game is one of the most well-known slot games that you can play. It boosted into the limelight many years ago and still hold its place in popularity. We will explain why we think this is, and also the features that this game offers.

The theme is one that is seen often in industry, but no other slot game seems to pull it off quite like Rainbow Riches slot game. They use the theme of the mythical Irish Leprechaun. This is because they are often associated with gold and treasures. Having this kind of theme gives an awful lot of opportunity for developers to have fun. They do this with the bonus rounds and animations they have programmed into the game.

The bonus rounds offered are very entertaining. Another feature of the bonus rounds is that they are often the best way to getting the maximum win of the game. This maximum will change depending on the version of the game you are playing. Due to the popularity of the original game, there have been new variations released. These all have slightly different rules for each variation offered. We can show you the best variations out there to play.

See Where To Play Rainbow Riches


Casinos That Offer Rainbow Riches Slot Game

As this slot game is so popular, there are many casinos that offer the chance to play it. However, this is not the only game that is offered. Therefore, it is common to see a lot of the latest online casinos offer huge ranges of games. This does include many different slot games to play. You will see them offered with a theme based on pretty much anything. However, slot games are not the only thing to be offered.

If you are a lover of table games, there is usually a healthy range of these games offered. You will find the classics such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. However, much like the slot games, there are often many variations that you can play. These are often where the biggest rewards are found as rules are changed slightly to give the game its variation.


Live Games Availability

If you like to play these classic games but do not want modern technology taking over to much. There will often be many versions of live casino games for you to enjoy. These are offered using the traditional method of using a dealer to give the result and conduct the game.  See here if you prefer playing Live at a casino and wish to take part in some of the excellent games that are offered. If you are a new player and have never taken part in a live game, we can explain them to you.

One of the best things about live casino games is that they do not have an RNG. This means the result of the game does not use a computer in any way. This is what makes the games so popular, they still use the traditional methods to get a result. This is usually done with a deck or two of cards that are shuffled. With Roulette, the result is gained by spinning a wheel and pushing a ball around in the opposite direction. This is the traditional way to play this game.